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We love and embrace the innate ability of the body to heal itself.  Hence our treatment are targeted at removing the interference to the body's optimal functioning and to boost its ability via energy injection and therapeutic supplements.

Torque Release Technique (TRT)

This is the state of the art chiropractic technique that is utilised by Dr David Tan to correct spinal misalignments.  Its low force and precision nature makes it absolutely safe for patients of all ages and conditions.  The technique seeks out the primary misalignments that are the causes of the compensations occurring along the spine, manifesting in pain and discomfort and overall structural instability.  The spine realigns itself naturally thereafter.  No x-rays or MRIs are needed as the technique's diagnostic protocol safely and correctly pinpoints the segments that need to be adjusted.  Dr Tan gets patients out of acute care in the shortest possible time and hence patients only pay by per session. 


Holographic Health

The principle goal of Holographic health is to balance the body in terms of energy.  Human beings as with all matter, are essentially energy beings.  We emit energy signatures as a single entity combining all the individual energy signatures of our cells, tissues and organs.  The organs do not function well when there is an imbalanced energy state, thus leading to diseases and poor health.  By utilising muscle testing methods derived from Applied Kinesiology, we are able to detect visceral malfunctions at the earliest stage and seek to rebalance them with manipulation, energy interjection as well as therapeutic supplements.

Treatment fees
Please call to inquire about . We do not make you sign packages.


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