1 - 30 Jun 2016



We are offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee to help you stabilise and improve your Scoliosis hence freeing you from the discomfort of body braces and the inevitable surgery! Patients need to sign up for a 10 sessions Treatment Course and undergo at least 2 treatment sessions per week. Payment will be collected in full to solicit your full commitment to the treatment course.

We are confident that you will improve and will give a full refund if you feel that your Scoliosis (in terms of the Cobb angles or symptoms experienced) does not improve after the 10 sessions. No questions asked!



Adults - $800 nett

Students & National Servicemen Fulltime - $600 nett

(with valid student identification cards from local education institutions or NSF identity cards)



 We are offering a 50% off the initial brain mapping.  This is very useful in diagnosing the areas of the brain which are dysregulated resulting in the manifestation of the various neurological symptoms like inability to focus, attention deficit and anxiety etc.  Grab this opportunity to find answers which other doctors are unable to provide in relation to your 'mental' problems.  


Cost : $100 nett (Instead of the usual $200)

1 Jul 2016

SAF Day 

In appreciation to all service men and women, we will offer a 50% discount off all services including initial consultation on the day.

1 Aug to 30 Sep 2017

New Branch Opening Special 

50% Off (Save $60!) First Consultation for NTU Alumni Club Members and Staff.  

Applicable for Appointments at One-North Branch only.

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