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VidaJoie Chiropractic Centre was established by Dr David Tan and his wife Josephine in Dec 2014. Vida means Life in spanish and Joie means Joy in french.  As the name implied, the goal of the clinic is to help patients find and celebrate the Joy of Life through good health.

Dr David Tan

B.A. (Merit) National University of Singapore

Doctor of Chiropractic, Sherman College of Chiropractic

Certified BrainCore Doctor

Certified Holographic Health Doctor


Prior to becoming a chiropractor, Dr David Tan spent 21 years in the Singapore Armed forces and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in Aug 2011.  Thereafter he embarked on a life changing journey in the USA with his wife and daughter where he studied in Sherman College of Chiropractic for 3 years and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic.  He is very passionate about promoting the proper concept of health which is based on the body's innate ability to self heal. His healing techniques involve getting the body to function better by removing interferences and boosting functions via therapeutic supplements.  

As the Clinical Director, he seeks to convert patients from acute care to regular maintenance care in the shortest possible time by getting the body's healing engine to start and continue functioning well.  



Ms Josephine Kwang (Mrs David Tan)

B. Chem. Eng. (Honours)

Grad Dip Marketing Mgmt
Certified BrainCore Therapist

Certified Holographic Health Practitioner


After spending more than a decade in the semi-conductor industry, Josephine left her job and joined her husband in the USA to take good care of him and their daughter, to allow him to focus on his studies and to keep the family together.  During this period, she found out and embraced the concept of healing by getting the body and mind to function optimally. So she studied Holographic Health and neurofeedback therapy alongside Dr David Tan and did well enough to get herself proficiently certified in these 2 areas that were usually the domains of professionals.  Apart from rendering treatment, she is also the Opertions Director of the clinic, tasked with the job of taking it to greater heights so as to be able to help more people get true health.

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