"Health is a vehicle, not the destination..."  

                                                                        Joshua Rosenthal

In accordance with the Heightened Safe Distancing Measures, our clinics will be closed from 7 April to 4 May 2020. All appointments previously booked within this period will be rescheduled.

Keep following us on this page to stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile, stay healthy and positive ! Together, we can overcome this crisis!

Our Mission
VidaJoie Chiropractic Centre is here to help you Create, Restore and Maintain good health so that you are Reconnected to Source and can carry on doing what you want and love.

Health is not about just being free of illness, disease, injury or pain. It is about optimal functioning of the Mind, Body and Spirit.  Whether by creation or evolution, the body is designed to self heal.  Interference to the self regulatory mechanism at the Mind, Body and Spirit levels prevent this process from happening. Consequentially, good health is missing and you feel disconnected from Source or your passion and driving force in life.

Through Chiropractic, Holographic Health and BrainCore treatments as well as other modalities like therapeutic supplements, exercise and life coaching, we identify the interference and remove them. Good Health ensues and you rekindle and maintain the Joy of Life.


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